June 1st, 2008 Newsletter


What is the Purpose of Creating a Value Add Proposition?

It overcomes the number one obstacle for salesDoubt in the prospect’s mind about your product claims!

How to Accomplish This Purpose?

The following 3 questions are to provide you with a comfortable understanding of a Value Add Proposition:
  • What is a Value Add Proposition?
  • What does it do?
  • What will it do for me?
What Is a Value Add Proposition?

A Value Add Proposition consists of the following 4 factors:
  • Visual aids, such as charts, graphs, and pictorials illustrating what the product is, what it will do, and most importantly of all, what it will do for the prospect.
  • Testimonials from present customers who have used the product or service, which outline the exact dollar benefits that they have gained over time.
  • Third party proof from experts, organizations who have a high profile within your industry, who are unassailable in their research and findings. Examples of such organizations are government departments and their provincial counterparts; research foundations (The Conference Board of Canada), Associations; etc.
  • Quantifiable exact dollars saved (expenses) or earned (revenues) that are arrived at using the prospect’s own numbers.
Quantifiable Exact Dollars
  • A Value Add Proposition is also known as Return on Investment, which is described in the following equation:
  • The prospect, using their own numbers, can now literally see the exact $ benefits of your products and/or services.
  • They now have the full confidence of becoming your customer without any annoying doubt!
What Does a Value Add Proposition Do?

A Value Add Proposition allows a prospect to make an informed buying decision based upon the following:
  • Unassailable proof that your product and service claims are accurate.
  • The certainty that the prospect is making a correct decision in that their application is the best fit with your products and services.
  • Being able to confidently decide to go ahead!
What Does a Value Add Proposition Do for Me?

A Value Add Proposition provides you with the following:
  • Full control of the selling process.
  • The confidence and comfort of being able to quickly and effectively address all prospect’s questions, concerns, and objections.
  • To avoid the frustration and hassle of not discovering a hidden agenda; e.g. ego and/or corporate politics.
In summary, current and customized Value Add Propositions (VAPs) do the following:
  • They eliminate and minimize the prospect’s doubt about you, your company, and your products/services.
  • You can now confidently control the sales with your #1 sales weapon — unassailable VAPs!
  • “Time is money” works for you happily and comfortably, collapsing long sales cycles through quicker decisions!
  • You now combat your competition through a powerful value add selling approach, reducing them into a price sale.


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