Case 1:

Marketing and Sales Strategy/Performance Improvement - Truck Manufacturing and Distribution


Client situation, challenges faced, expressed needs and/or requested service.

An OEM truck manufacturer had its' dealer organization selling competitive truck lines.

The dealer salespeople were acting and selling like mercenaries driven by only how they could maximize their commissions.

Market share was flat to declining.



What we set out to do, objectives, and work executed.

Increase market share.

Motivate the dealer salespeople to both lead with and sell the OEM's truck line.

key challenge was not being able to financially incent these salespeople as the dealers did not want an OEM interfering with compensation issues.



Market share increased from 16% to 23% over three years for an annual revenue increase of $420,000,000.00 in each of those years.

Dealer salespeople attended OEM sponsored Sales Education Programs leveraged by an Award & Recognition Program which provided the knowledge, skills, and self motivation to sell the OEM's truck line.

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