The Customization Approach Is A Fivefold One:

  • We first understand the present situation of your people, corporation, products and services, relative to the buying criteria used by your markets and the strategies employed by your competition against you.
  • We then go out a year in time and describe, from a practical viewpoint, the perfect situation that your corporation could enjoy. We ask you to give us great detail in this area as it better crystallizes your exact achievable goals, e.g. a 20% increase in sales.
  • All problems, which could prevent your corporation from achieving its goals, are then identified, e.g. we cannot achieve a 20% increase in sales because of unmotivated salespeople.
  • Once we have identified the problems, then the cause of each and every one of these problems is identified so that we cannot only solve the problem, but also root out the cause and make absolutely certain it does not raise its ugly head again in the future. e.g. we may have unmotivated salespeople as a problem, and yet the cause of this problem may lie in a Compensation Plan.
  • For each problem, a minimum of two solutions are incorporated into your current sales and sales management approaches, so that you can confidently achieve your target goals, e.g. a 20% increase in sales.
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