Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried corporate education programs before; and for the most part, they do not work - so, why should I consider Townson & Alexander's Programs?


Your confidence in considering Townson & Alexander's Programs is well placed because of the following differences:

Your customized education programs are not one time events. All Programs have mandatory live reinforcement sessions for maximized desired behavior changes.

All of your Programs are fully customized to your people, company, and products. This results in maximum understanding, acceptance, and desired actions being taken. Most other education programs are generic in nature (You often may receive the exact program that a completely different company in a completely different industry received) and therefore your people may not relate to some or all of the material being presented to them.

All Townson & Alexander consultants have backgrounds of national sales, management and executive sales - their credibility is significant. Others' programs may very often be hosted by an instructor who has minimal field experience and "has not been there."

The subject material being presented is on the leading edge of applicability in today's ever changing and competitive marketplace. It is always presented in a "fun" learning environment with many contests and awards presented throughout the Program.

Your support material is also excellent, consisting of:

  • a web-based interactive Sales Education Program, comfortably accessible "on demand"
  • a complete Video Program
  • an Audio Cassette (or CD) Program for your car (now, a "university on wheels")
  • a customized workbook 

The facility is always off-site to maximize your learning environment.

How often should I conduct these Education Programs?


Education Programs must be presented every six months at minimum. If for no other reason, industry and competitive changes make it mandatory for your people to remain up to date relative to newly acquired knowledge and skills.

What subject matter should be covered?


Education Programs must cover four general key areas:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Finance

PLEASE NOTE: When all of your employees receive the above Education Programs, they will have a commonality of knowledge, understanding, acceptance, and cohesive action directed toward the company's goals. The other choice is not acceptable relative to having a fractured approach based upon ignorance.

Who should attend?


All personnel who have any contact with prospects should attend in order to confidently and comfortably represent themselves, your company, and it's products.

All Management (not just sales management) and customer service personnel must attend Sales Management Programs in that they are all selling your people, corporation, and it's products at some point to somebody somewhere. Again, this allows for a cohesive and uniform approach.

Where should they be held?


All these Programs should be held off-site in that you avoid all of the problems with on-company-premises programs, e.g. interruptions, distractions, etc.


1 Canadian Place, Suite 350, Toronto, Ontario M5X 1C1 - Tel: (514) 977-1457