“The feedback from the training is positive. Thanks for doing a great job!”
Referrals gained during course - 161
Sales from referrals (within 6 months) - $5,000,000.00

Eric Jorgensen, President
- JX Enterprises
“ Your personal dedication shows in the progress we are making!”
“Again this year after having our salespeople spend one and one half days with you on referral selling, we have accomplished the following:

- Sales from referrals at the course: $1,548,000.
- Sales from referrals within 90 days: $5,160,000.”

Gary Crudge, Sales Manager
- Kenworth Toronto
“An organized and logical step by step approach to selling. The course was excellent."

"I am feeling more confident in sales calls, asking for referrals, sales procedures, and 7 Steps. Very beneficial."

"Provided first real sales training as a salesperson — because of that, I can apply everything day to day."

"Gives me a concise proven methodology to approach selling."

"7 Steps provide a road map that may not have been ever seen by salespeople. I think it helps people focus."

"Very worthwhile experience."

"Very great job, got everyone involved, fun class, look forward to coming back."

"Taught me how to close more deals. "

"Excellent time to apply the course information and sell, sell, sell."

"Well done. It was great to have 2 trainers to get different ideas and stories."

"A plan to follow to the end."

Sales Representatives, Participants
- Peterbilt Sales Program

“ Your new Internet product is unbelievable!”
Tim Logston , Vice President, Marketing
- Union City Body Company
$420 Million A Year Growth for Four Years

After almost fifteen years in the trucking industry, Mercedes Benz's Truck Division had yet to turn a profit. They asked Townson & Alexander to first help them grow market share, then create profits during a depression in the trucking industry. Mercedes Benz Truck's market share grew from 16% to 23% and revenues grew $420 Million each year over a four year period.


300% Growth in Stock Value of Fortune 500 Company

John Deere hired Townson & Alexander to improve sales performance. In only 90 days, all previous sales records in the company's history were obliterated. Revenues grew by 40%, while gross profit margins increased by 55%. John Deere's stock tripled in value while working with Townson & Alexander.


62% in 30 Days

Macy's Pilot Program for New York City used Townson & Alexander's Awards and Recognition System to turn reactive retail sales staff into a proactive and powerful sales force. After only 30 days, store sales grew by 62%.

“Revenues grew $420 million each year over a four year period”

“Total Unit Sales for all of last year was 145 units, representing $7,625,765.00 in Revenues. In the first four months of this year we’ve sold 306 units, representing $15,600,000.00. We are, to say the least, ecstatic!”

Bob Stecher, General Manager
- Freightliner of Chicago, Inc.


400% in 24 Months

Townson & Alexander worked with Montreal Trust to increase their corporate sales. In 24 Months, revenues increased by 400%, they had more proposals pending than at any time in their history--using Townson & Alexander's Strategic Selling Program, closed the biggest order ever.


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