Seven Customization Steps To Unlocking Results:

  • An initial meeting is held to establish whether there is a fit between the services and products offered by Townson & Alexander and the needs of your corporation.
  • Based on senior management/employee interviews and market research, Townson & Alexander identifies your corporation's needs as they relate to the five Leadership Factors which drive revenues and control expenses.
  • Townson & Alexander then documents our findings, proposes solutions, and we both agree to proceed.
  • An initial Pilot Program or Product is customized based on your identified needs and goals.
  • Your customized Pilot Program, or Product is delivered.
  • A CD-I, CD-ROM, or Web Based Program is provided in order to comfortably review and reinforce the concepts addressed by your customized Sales Program.
  • Townson & Alexander provides a "results" tracking system so that you can evaluate the effectiveness of your customized Sales Program.
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