Who is Townson and Alexander

Founded in 1984, we are Sales Management Consultants with over 350 years of cumulative management experience who actually provide you with what you want - to make more money! All our consultants have national management and executive sales backgrounds and have "been there", successfully driving sales and profits, overcoming the challenges of competition, falling margins, and flat sales.

We provide customized Sales Education and self Motivational Programs. A Sales Activity Tracking Program is also provided that puts real time information in your hands, allowing you and your salesforce to close more business faster. Finally, a modernized and self funding Incentive Compensation Program is built to maximize both your revenues and profits.

Our Management Team

Bob Coffey, Vice Chairman & Head Coach
Bob Coffey is a Management Consultant, Advisor and Coach. He is the retired vice chair and head coach of KPMG. Mr. Coffey is the founder of The Canadian Association for Corporate Growth and the founder of the Toronto Chapter of The Turnaround Management Association. After retirement from KPMG as an active partner where he was responsible for marketing and the leadership of Industry Specialists and Practices, he became the Vice Chair and Head Coach of Townson & Alexander, a sales management consulting company.

Harry Alexander, President
Harry Alexander is a Montreal-based management consultant, a frequent public speaker at business conferences, and a Kiwanian working with children. He conducts management seminars across North America specializing in sales, operations, and finance. He has been interviewed by the business media at national conferences and trade associations regarding his unique and profit generating business Programs.

Ron Percy, Senior Vice President, Sales & Operations
Ron Percy is a hands-on team leader with a strong commitment to corporate excellence. An enthusiastic and innovative senior executive with more than 20 years of demonstrated success in senior management, marketing, international sales, manufacturing and board governance, he is recognized as a top corporate and community leader.

His strengths are the evaluation and development of strong management teams; branding and corporate innovation; customer service strategies and implementation; information technology – especially real time communications; and the creation and implementation of marketing plans.

He is actively involved in the community through the United Way, YMCA, the Chamber of Commerce, the Information Technology Association, and the American Management Association.


1 Canadian Place, Suite 350, Toronto, Ontario M5X 1C1 - Tel: (514) 977-1457